11 Oct 2017


According to Mike Partyka@MichaelJPartyka (twitter.com), “If morality can be recreated to serve our needs, then there’s no such thing as morality, just rationalization of whatever behaviour we like”.

Morality certainly to me, is not a fixed practice, but rather an acceptable standard that has been rationalized by a group of people (or beings) and passed on. I’m aware most of human’s morality came from the gods or God. And yet, I regard it as reasoned out, because laws are enacted for a purpose – the gods or God had a purpose. Thus, it’s curated from some standards dimmed needful to the welfare of those that are meant to live by it.

Accordingly, I agree with Literal Nazi@literal_nazi (twitter.com) that, “Is morality not one of the most subjective concepts there is though?” For every society believes in its own morality; and same moral standard is not adhered to by everyone in the world. In other words, many people hold morality with great regards, while they counter and disregard the moral standard of others that isn’t suitable to theirs.

In the world at present - 21st Century, there seems to be chaos everywhere and decadence – no morality. Yet, everyone (I presume) has a moral standard; while there’s the detest for that of others which is usually expressed or tackled with rationalization. This attitude hitherto, makes morality quite an interesting topic because it portrays the presence of reason in the construct of morality.

I strongly believe life is progressive. Therefore, any rule can be changed. But it shouldn’t just be done by mere feelings with no concrete rationalization. In other words, people must present sound arguments before a change can be applied. However, this has been going on to some degree. Thus, I think the problem lies with nonacceptance from some which I think again, implies that we (humans) just can’t accept rationalization from each other without sighting a loophole. Or perhaps, none has made a good enough rationalization that could soother our minds.

Consequentially, there will be the need for the gods or God to intervene in our affairs because if not we probably won’t ‘live and let live’. And while we await a deity, some are going to act on their behalf; after all, we’ve never seen any deity before, whether held in derision or reverence. Put differently, decisions will be made as the need arises in this world and some would make the decision on behalf of others.

In retrospect, I think it’s best we start appreciating our minds – the ability to think. And should put it to good use as we learn also to accept our individuality – tolerating what others are that we are not, accepting the feelings of others while we demand rationalization still.