About Me

Microcogn is written by EbidagheRebekah-Flora

Microcogn is about my thought, reaction, stand and/or reasoning on common (earth) subjects via virtual conversations e.g. Twitter. My side of the argument doesn’t have to be taken as an absolute, and the others' side don’t have to be ridiculed; because it’s about reasoning and counter-reasoning, which I regard as a beautiful thing. However, there might be few conversations which might outrightly portray the other as dumb or silly, yet caution should be taken not to attack anyone stupidly as that’s not the purpose of Microcogn

The purpose of Microcogn is to show trends of thought from people. And none of the conversations is staged. All conversations are just from my events as a person cruising on social media like most people (and bumping into other people and their opinions, and airing mine too), then thought of a use for such conversations that I found interesting.

Microcogn's original single purpose was for personal dissertation – topics that I was willing to write in a research format beyond my usual concise posts on my other websites. But I don’t think that is plausible anymore. My other sites drained pretty much all my time and energy; yet I still converse online, and those conversations can be found.

Microcogn is housed in Ebidaghe.com because it’s about the mind – thoughts and opinions; reasoning – regardless of it being right or wrong. Ebidaghe.com is about Life as an individual unit, as a collective or as a flow with regard to it being studiable or seeable and thus writable.


Updated November 5th, 2020 – Domain name extension was changed from .review to .com